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Get ‘serverless’ in your business thinking

Introducing AWS

As an enterprise technology strategy and business development advisor, I like to stress my limits from time to time by entering unknown fields. My current playground is for some years already amazon’s AWS Cloud Services offering, which has so much to offer for companies that are willing to take the next step. It is a challenging game - the AWS services universe expands faster than one can deep-dive in all the fascinating technology details of this setup, which you immediately want when you see the possible impact that this technology has.

What I find remarkable though is how Jeff Bezos’ leadership principles and customer-oriented service designs shape the AWS technology. A portfolio of this size, managed in such a consistent and well-knit manner is rarely to find among the enterprise suites we all know.

Change has a History

This brings me to the idea of reenginering businesses from that technology perspective. I can only recommend the AWS Well-Architected Framework White Paper which explains the five constitutional pillars of the AWS Cloud technology: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimization. Mix together with Amazon’s 14 leadership principles, add some lean and agile method glue, and voilà - here’s the digital business framework we all hope to reach with our own legacy-burdenend companies from the past.

Is the framework applicable to existing companies? You bet. All at once? For sure not. We didn’t forget Hammer’s and Champy’s revolution from the late 80s, which brought good insights about lean and process but got stuck in the end since Goliaths are hard to kill. The beauty of service-oriented concepts is that you can cut first, and optimize later. That principle, discovered at the CORBA age, has now come to a technical (“Cloud”) and procedural (“Devops”) maturity that “Everything as a Service” has become possible with super-lightning speed and unpredecented quality, if architected in a cloud-compatible way.

The Serverless Business

To stay in the picture - most companies try to be EC2 businesses when converting to digital. “Go Cloud But Stay as You Were” seems to be the theme. Digitized product offerings, Omni-channel marketing, and web-based service tickets hide more often than not a legacy organization kernel that remains unchanged and creates stress between centrifugal forces at the perimeter and the immovable core.

I think we can do more than that. What if we as a business would provide services that are “serverless” in a way that you just connect, consume the service, pay as you go and leave the rest to the provider? “Easy” you might say, “are not all the retail marketplaces and app stores part of that business?” True, and we can see the success of the big platforms, led by Amazon in the consumer space. But I think it’s time to really create Everything as a Service - IT Solutions, Enterprise Consulting, Education, Complaint Management, and all Operations Functions that make it so hard to build a consistent customer experience these days.

Let’s do it!

Are you ready for that change? Where are you at your cloud journey? Did you already start building products that allow your business to digitize your operations quickly? Or do you feel that you need a counterpart who solidifies your ideas and brings visions to life? Contact me in any way, I’m always interested in businesses that have the power to evolve.

Martin Jahr

Senior Manager