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Test Automation is one of the critical success factors in agile deployment environments.

Sophisticated testing is a cornerstone of the quality and efficiency of modern software solutions. Fast product cycles, time and cost restrictions make it increasingly important to manage product quality at an excellent level in modern project environments.

The introduction of test automation enables you to perform simple tests in a standardized, frequent and automatic way. Because automated testing is fast and frequent, it is cost effective, especially for maintenance-intensive software products. Released test resources can be individually allocated to the development of complex test procedures. As a result, they increase the quality and efficiency of quality assurance in your company.

High test coverage in recurring test scenarios promotes robustness, minimizes risk and strengthens the independence of your test resources.

The goal of every software development process is a fast release or improvement of the product. Test automation drastically shortens the time-to-market and ensures consistent quality.

If you work in agile development environments, automated test processes form the basis of Continious Integration Workflows and DevOps. In addition, the new structuring achieves a single point of truth and makes the traceability of all test results transparent.

Our proven approach to the introduction of test automation can be individually designed for and with you. We offer you a comprehensive portfolio of services in the context of your development:

  • Review of existing test and test automation approaches
  • Identification of automation potential at all levels of the BI architecture
  • Conception and creation of specific test cases and test types according to your corporate requirements
  • Methodical integration of test automation into existing QA processes
  • Technical integration

The transfer of knowledge in the field of test automation is another core field of our expertise. We can help you and your team to build local competencies through training.