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Without doubts, requirements collection can be performed with the simplest tools known by everybody, like Excel and Word. However, regardless of the tools, all kinds of requirements need more than the collection as such. The process needs to be managed and utilized in a way that standardized and repeatable results are the norm. The White Paper that you can download here describes our best practice of requirements management in BI projects. It consists of a standardized and tool-supported process for the collection of harmonized requirements on enterprise level.

reeeliance Requirements Management components

In addition, reeeliance provides additional services that help you being successful with your BI projects

  • Coaching and support for organized requirement collection

  • Establishment of the enterprise-wide harmonization processes

  • Development of / Linkage to a Data Dictionaries

  • Export Adjustment (e.g. specification sheet, SourceToTarget mapping)

  • Semi-automated derivation of test cases

  • Test automation

  • Quality assurance reports


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