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There are five imperatives to empower your business which lay the ground for your successful digital evolution.

reeeliance accompanies you starting from the first strategic steps. They help you to gain insights into your goals and enable you to transform your organization. To make sense of the complex mesh that the modern business is, you need to design your enterprise model thoroughly. You have achieved a big step forwards when you are able to automate what can be automated and have a dedicated crew of people that can deliver value by facilitating the digital assets you have created.


Orchestrating organisational resources to achieve demanding business goals has become a complex task in the age of ever increasing customer demands, an innovation pace unseen before, and regulatory density that is growing continuously.

Business executives must be able to decide quickly in complex environments. which is today impossible without a proper information management roadmap and the organziational capability to implement it in an agile way.

We know that creating, qualifying and executing strategic imperatives is a challenging task.

reeeliance can help you to grow by defining the room for your roadmap, assisting you in your portfolio planning and your project initiation phases. If you need a more personal coaching approach, we help you to develop a personal agenda for success.

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To organize the digital change, you have to organize your digital assets. As trite as this sounds, it is more often than not put into second row. You have to have an institutionalized Enterprise Architecture competency that is able to act on demand, a Data Governance that keeps organizational care of data compliance, quality and security at rest and in motion, and the set of agile transformation methodologies that make your project and program management resilient against the forces that resist evolution.

reeeliance will work with you to organize that evolution.

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Structural success does not just happen. To bring all the sliding layers of technological and organizational needs together requires a careful design of digital structures you are about to improve. Information Archtitecture drives how your information and communications flows make work more efficient.

Data Modeling as a discipline connects your information structures with the technical needs of the processing systems. To bring everything to life efficiently, there’s today now way around the cloud, which adds another level of knowledge to manage and apply, which reeeliance is happy to help you with.

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Of course you have a lot of friction when trying to automate your overall Information Management production. Decades of system innovation left their trails, and even today many companies struggle to catch up technologywise with business requirements.

The most promising way to make a leap forward is the combination of cloud elasticity and DevOps. This means you have to automate not only your systems but also the way how your organizational processes around IT work. Get as much done “on the left side” as possible and push infrastructure as code to your test and production environments.

This allows to reduce the lag drastically, and frees your resources up to create systems for business value instead, e.g. creating modern analytics environments where you can apply data science to enrich your business insights. reeeliance helps at all these levels to enhance your operations.

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When you have your DevOps set up and the agile project life cycle begins to work, you can focus on business targets again.

Reduce the lag and free your resources to create systems for business value, i.e. create modern analytics environments where you can apply data science to enrich your business insights. reeeliance helps at all these levels to enhance your operations.