With Stream2Vault, you get the ability to stream data into a Raw Vault in an event-driven architecture in near real-time.

What are the benefits?

  • A significantly reduced latency allows you to act almost immediately on business events at the time they occur – for faster and better decision making.
  • The reduced complexity of the architecture results in a much easier maintenance of your data warehouse, as the streaming components replace the data pipelines and their orchestration usually feeding your data vault.
  • Data quality management can be done faster and simpler: the real-time view on DQ-checks on the raw vault lets you identify and solve data quality issues in an early stage.

Choose from more than 100 source connectors to connect to your systems, be it on premise or in the cloud. Stream2Vault is a plugin for Vaultspeed. It allows you to model the Raw Vault based on input topics in Kafka. The vault entities are automatically generated and then can be subscribed to with various connectors, pushing data to all major database vendors.

Even multiple targets at the same time are supported. No need for complex orchestration jobs or various database layers: our solution simply plugs in to the Vaultspeed metadata. Adding real-time capabilities to your Data Vault enables intelligent microservices that provide context or relations to data. Our clients successfully leverage Stream2Vault to enable modern data management platforms like Data Meshes.


  • UI-driven, no-code
  • Automatic code-generation, ready to deploy
  • Stream data in real-time into the Raw Vault
  • Plug and play for 100+ connectors
  • Data lineage generation
  • Test automation


  • No need for complex orchestration jobs
  • Ready to deploy code
  • Familiar SQL-like code with ksqlDB
  • Easily manageable Data Vault entities

Deployment options

  • Scalable and secure infrastructure as code
  • Self-hosted on AWS (Open Source or Confluent version) or
  • Managed by Confluent for AWS, Azure & GCP
  • Supported runtimes: ksqlDB, Snowflake


We partner with Vaultspeed as the leading modeling tool for Data Vault and support all existing raw vault modeling metadata.


See our Vaultspeed streaming agent in action and create a real time data vault in 10 minutes

Here’s what you gonna experience in the sample use case of the video:

  • Setting up the Kafka streaming infrasturcture via Confluent Cloud
  • Establishing a CDC connection to a source system
  • Integrate and GUI driven modelling of the data vault based on the Kafka ecosystem
  • Automatic code generation ready to deploy
  • CI/CD pipeline deploying the artifacts
  • See data streaming pipelines in action

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