Ullsteinhaus, a well-known landmark of brick expressionism, holds our Berlin office. You find us in the 8th floor of the tower.

The Ullsteinhaus was planned by architect Eugen Schmohl and was built between 1925 and 1927. The building is a monument of brick expressionism, the tower was for 30 years the highest high-rise building in Germany. In 1934, the Nazi regime squeezed the then largest German publishing house from the Jewish publishing family at a ridiculous price and tried to erase the name Ullstein from public awareness: On May 3, 1935, the Ullsteinstrasse adjacent to the Ullsteinhaus was renamed Zastrowstrasse, and this name remained until February 21, 1949. In 1937 Ullstein became the “Deutsche Verlag” (German Publishing House), and the Ullsteinhaus was called the “Deutsches Haus” (German House) until 1945. The Ullstein family, expropriated in 1934, received their property back in 1952.

Mariendorder Damm 1
12099 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 2693 06 63


Our Hamburg Office

Our office is located in the city centre of Hamburg. We are based in an old Kontorhaus at the lower level overlooking the Nikolaifleet.

Nikoliafleet is an important place for Hamburg’s history. More than 830 years ago – 1188 – the development of the harbour began here. The Laeiszhof is a Kontorhaus in Hamburg, located on Nikolaifleet southwest of the Trostbrücke. It was build 1897-98 for the company F. Laeisz according to plans by Bernhard Hanssen, Wilhelm Emil Meerwein and Martin Haller in the style of the Hanover School of Architecture. Until today the house is the seat of the shipping company F. Laeisz, whose sailing ships – like the “Peking”, “Passat” or “Preussen” – were regarded as the fastest in the world in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Trostbrücke 1
20457 Hamburg