Empowerment as a service 

Sometimes we think: We’re not in the information management industry, we’re in the digital empowerment industry. Because it is empowerment what we offer. And our solutions are kind of a tactile expression of that.

We are consultants and developers. We give strategic advice and develop practically further. And we enable our customers in everything we do – to do the right things right, to unleash their full potential, to create measurable competitive edge.

5 imperatives for digital empowerment 

There are five imperatives to empower our clients’ business which lay the ground for successful digital evolution. 

We accompany our clients starting from the first strategic steps. We help to gain insights into our clients goals and enable them to successfully transform their organization. To make sense of the complex mesh that the modern business poses today, it is crucial to thoroughly design our clients‘ enterprise model. You have achieved a big step forwards when you are able to automate what can be automated and have a dedicated crew of people that can deliver value by facilitating the digital assets created. 

Learn more about the 5 imperatives.

How we empower our clients 

Empower means: We’re helping clients to advance and transform through gaining new knowlegde, by establishing new processes and creating additional value. And by combining technology with process consultation to gain an holistic, opportunities unveiling, big picture view.

Read here about how we enable and empower our clients – and get a better glimpse of what we do (besides offering excellent tactile information management solutions).

Become an empowerer @ eee! 

Join our team – and support us to further succeed in the digital empowerment industry! We’re always searching for dedicated people with enabler genes: the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels and troublemakers who see things differently and change the world – strategists and advisors, developers and project managers, architects and coaches. And, maybe, people like you!

Our job offers for empowerers


Empathy makes the difference 

We believe that undiscovered chances provide the biggest potential for growth. And that empathy, dialogue and deep understanding are the best methods to unveil opportunities where most people only see data, processes and tools.

Empathize means that we carefully listen to what our clients need and expect. We try to see with their eyes, listen with their ears, feel with their hands. Then we match this perspective with our consultants’ view to inspire innovation and progress – and dig deeper where we see a potential for further break-throughs and unexpected business chances. 

It’s all about people 

Our aspiration is to understand not only the project in all its facets but also the company and the people behind it to offer intuitive solutions tailored to their needs.

As we strive to deliver solutions that wow, we need to adapt our methods to the user, not vice versa. This is why we foster a culture of customer-centricity and human-centered design. 

Agile thinking lets us quickly adapt to unforeseen challenges while precise observation allows us to gain a deep understanding of the job to de done and the specific users’ needs.

How we empathize 

Understanding the challenges, hurdles and demands our clients are coping with is essential to what we do. And we believe that empathy is the most important capability to create the solutions that businesses need for further growth and development. Our curiosity and inner drive is what makes us go the extra mile. Read here about our achievements and insights – and the role that empathy has played to get to a solution that truly makes a difference.

Become an empathizer @ eee! 

Join our team! We’re always looking for empathic people with the ability to intuitively understand the “real“ problem, gather and question available and relevant information and put it in the right context. People who are able to even “sense“ the solutions that go beyond our clients’ expectations – based on knowledge and experience and a combination of technology, customer-centricity and process consulting.

Our job offers for empathizers


We are transformation catalysts

Evolution means development, it also means adjustment. And sometimes it means: outgrowing yourself! evolve brings all this together: stepping out of the comfort zone, striking new paths to further opportunities for growth, and creating value from data that no one expected to find there.

We see ourselves as enablers and changemakers, as growth assistants and business model guides. We’re open for the unexpected and curious about what’s hidden behind the next door. Agility is an essential part of our work culture. The ability to see the bigger picture and to thrive for perfection makes us go the extra mile to put our projects on the next level.

Evolution needs transformative minds 

We see status quo as a springboard into a brighter future with more and better options. We bring resilience by speeding up adaptability, and time advantage through automation. We know the value of data and how to exploit them for further growth. Our consultants are characterized by a transformative  mindset that quickly finds the set screws for leveraging the performance of your business setup. They provide all the insights on how to bring data-inspired change as a source of innovation into organizations of all size.

How we help our clients evolve 

We help our clients grow by opening a door to a world of insightful data, digitally-driven growth strategies and the know-how to make change sustainably work.

Read here about our transformative thinking and draw inspiration from what we have already managed to evolve for our clients.

Become an evolver @ eee! 

Join our team – to help organizations evolve to their full potential! We’re always excited to find people who question the status quo and see things as always-in-beta. Bring in your curiosity and improver mindset. We’re sure we can offer you the challenges that make your brains celebrate!

Our job offers for evolvers



In our view there are 5 commandments to EMPOWER! your enterprises digital revolution. Take the right strategic steps from the beginning to generate the insights you need to design your enterprise model holistically and thoroughly. Use the model to take the decisions necessary to transform your organization. Automate whatever can be automated and use your freed-up crew to delivery additional value by facilitating the digital assets you created.


Increasing innovation speeds across industries and regulatory requirements require business executives to decide more quickly and reliably. The need to establish data driven decision making and embedded information systems in the DNA of every company, delivered and changed in agile organizations become paramount. Reeeliance will help you to face this challenges. From project portfolio planning, project initiation and partner assessment to personal coaching approaches, we can help to form you agenda for digital change programs.